Ned Kelly by Anonymous


Ned Kelly was born in a ramshackle hut,

He’d battled since he was a kid:

He grew up with bad men and duffers and thieves,

And learnt all the bad things they did.


Now down at Glenrowan they held up the pub,

And were having a drink and a song,

When the troopers rolled up and surrounded the place:

The Kellys had waited too long.


Some say he’s a hero and gave to the poor.

While others, ‘A killer,’ they say;

But to me it just proves the old saying is true,

The saying that crime doesn’t pay.


Yet, when I look round at some people I know,

And the prices of things that we buy;

I just think to myself, well perhaps, after all,

Old Ned wasn’t such a bad guy.


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