Old Horses by Max Fatchen


Old horses,

Leaning on fences.

Old horses,

Rubbing on trees.

Old horses,

Lazy rumps pointing

Towards the cold gusts

Of a southerly breeze.

Old horses,

Never a gallop.

Old horses,

Heavy hoofs slow.

Old horses,

Down by the creek-bed,

Down on the flats

Where the sweet grasses grow.

Old horses,

Sweeping tails twitching.

Old horses,

Tossing their manes.

Old horses,

Gone are the hauling,

The shouts of the driver,

The tug on the reins.

Old horses,

Sleepy heads hanging.

Old horses

Of yesterday’s teams.

Old horses,

Soft nostrils breathing

The wheezy contentment

Of hay-scented dreams.


Source: The ABC Book of Australian Poetry: a treasury for young people compiled by Libby Hathorn (ABC Books 2010)


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