Thongs are like footprints by Colin Thiele


Thongs are leftover footsoles.

They are a part of their owners,

More human and personal

Than shirts or underpants.


Though put aside for the moment

They give notice of feet returning,

A continuing presence.


Thongs have character –

Toemarks in gentle indentations

More certain than fingerprints,

And the pressure of heels.


Thongs serve endlessly

In bathroom and kitchen,

Backyard, laundry, and the newspaper shop

On Sunday morning.


Thongs leap about on beaches

Or lie discarded in the sand,

Dog-bitten and strap-ruptured

Among the happy people.


Thongs know the feel fo the ground;

They are like people’s footprints left lying around.

Source:  A second Australian Poetry Book compiled by Barbara Giles (Oxford University Press, 1983)


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