Who Has Joggers? by Libby Hathorn


Jim, Jody and Jake have joggers,

Jilly, Jock and Janet have joggers,

Grandpa Jeremiah has joggers,

Justin Jones has too.

Joel, Janny and Judy have joggers,

Jacqueline, Janis and June have joggers,

Aunt Juliet Jones has joggers,

Grandma Jay has too.

Jud, Jethro and Joop have joggers,

Jeremy, Joseph and Jack have joggers,

Father James has joggers,

Cousin Jane has joggers,

And I,

Jesse Jackson Jones,

I have joggers,

Brand new joggers,

I have joggers too.


Source: Talks with my skateboard: A  Collection of poems by Libby Hathorn.  ABC, 1991.


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