Postcard Home by Libby Hathorn


Dear Mum and Dad,

Camp’s good this week

(Miss you both pretty bad

And the baby, a heap)


The food’s pretty nice

And there’s plenty to eat.

(Your spaghetti and meatballs

would be such a great treat.)


The days are so good

We swim and we walk

(I’m awfully tired, nights

Cause we talk and we talk.)


The sleeping bag’s fine

And the stars are so bright.

(Just wondering what you are

all doing tonight?)


Tomorrow’s a bushwalk

Way down in the glen.

(Four more days, just four more

I’ll be coming home then!)

See you soon. Having Fun.

Kiss the baby. Love Len XX


Source: Talks with my skateboard: A  Collection of poems by Libby Hathorn.  ABC, 1991.


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