Talks with my Mum by Libby Hathorn


When Mum asked,

‘Why don’t you like your teacher?

Why?’ I said,

‘It’s one of those things, Mum.

You’ll just have to try to understand,

And remember what you said

Last week, about Mrs Watson,

You can’t like absolutely everybody

That’s what you said.’

I was surprised the way Mum breathed

In and then out, very loudly.

When Mum said,

‘What about this note

That said you spoke

Non-stop all morning to Hafez,

And non-stop all afternoon to Maria

Despite frequent requests…’

‘Guess what, Mum,’ I said

‘Maria has three guinea pigs

in her living room right now

and I’m going over.’

I was amazed at the look

On Mum’s face.

When Mum said,

‘Your marks have hit

an all time low,’ and yelled,

‘Look at this Science mark.’

I said,

‘Everything changes, Mum,

as you said

the life-skills lecturer said

on TV the other day,

You said, she said, everything passes

so I might pass one day.’

And I smiled.

‘Stands to reason I can only

go higher than O, now doesn’t it?’

I was shocked at what Mum said next!

She can get mad

over any little thing

these days….


Source: Talks with my skateboard: A  Collection of poems by Libby Hathorn.  ABC, 1991.


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