Amy Sleeps at My House… by Libby Hathorn


I love telling stories

Late at night, Amy boasts,

But this one’s quite silly,

James says he has ghosts!


They float about

and sit on chairs

Or slip and slither

On his stairs

And if they glow

With all their might

He says

You can see them,

Ghosts, bluish-white.


Ha! We laugh at James

With those ghosts in his room,

Ghosts that go bump

Toddling round in the gloom.


What a load of garbage,

Spooks in his house?

Scaredy cat James—

What a wimp, what a mouse!


I turn off the light

When we say goodnight,

Then something goes bump

And do we both jump!


‘Look! Loooook!’ says Amy,

‘What’s floating up there?’

‘And what’s thaaaaat,’ I cry,

‘Bluish-white on my chair?’


Source: Talks with My Skateboard by Libby Hathorn


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