This is…oops – FABIOLA by Libby Hathorn


This is – oops

Fabiola come back here—

This is—hey Fabiola

Come here, Fabiola

Right here!

That’s it. Now stand still,

See like this,

For the photo

This is—

Not like that  Fabiola

We’re sending this photo

To the rels in Italy,

So smile up big,

But not like that that!

I’m trying to introduce you Fabby

Stand up

So I can see your whole face,

That’s it,

Now look this way,

That’s right,

Like this,



Now smile,

Oh go on,

Not like that!



Pretty please.

That’s great,

But how about

You turn this way,

Now, this is—oops

Fabiola’s gone again!


I’m getting mad,

True and honest,

I’m getting really mad!


What’s that?

You want your toy bear

in the picture too

and the dog

Well OK,

Why didn’t you say so!


Sure they can all come

And Mum and Dad

The whole neighbourhood

if you like.

That’s it



This is oops—

OK ,OK I can see your bear

And the dog

And Mum and Dad


And this is—

Ahh, I’ve got you now.

Yes it’s really her

This is oops—

Grab her Mum! Dad!

And hold onto her…


This is FABIOLA!

Source:  Talks with my skateboard by Libby Hathorn


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