No Good Day by Libby Hathorn


I fought with my buttons,

My zipper and my laces,

I screamed at my sisters

And made ugly faces.

I didn’t want my breakfast

And I punched my little brother

And then before I left for school,

I argued with my mother.


I fought with my friends,

They all got in a bunch,

They yelled at me

and wouldn’t play

So I couldn’t eat my lunch.

I quarreled with the teacher,

And then she made me stay

In the room, all afternoon,

And not act in the play.


I came home in an angry mood,

My Dad said I was mean and rude,

When I just flicked my sister’s head,

He told me I should go to bed!


My Mum came in to talk to me,

It was good to hear her say,

‘Let’s forget it! Think tomorrow!

Brand new start to a brand new day!’


Source:  Talks with my skateboard by Libby Hathorn


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