Memories of a Maroubra Kid by Libby Hathorn


We threaded daisy chains

We three,

There was

My best friend, Dinny,

Joy Johnson and me.


I said

I have this great record

It’s the new rock and roll,

Let’s dance to it after

The music’s untold!


Joy said

Her Mum and Dad

Were buying a car,

A new Holden Special

The best make by far!

And if we were lucky

We might get a treat.

A spin in their Holden

The first in our street.

Dinny said

Her Mum was cooking,

This arvo, guess what?

Sponges, meringues,

Anzac biccies, the lot.

And the best daisy chain

should win something nice,

Two extra kiss cakes

or a coconut slice.


Dinny judged,

We all won,

Then we locked arms

all three.

Went to her place

to dance and

eat afternoon tea.


Source:  Talks with my skateboard by Libby Hathorn


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