Her Song by Libby Hathorn


Only the old ones had been

In the ancient house on the hill,

Long, long ago they said,

Better left now, they said,

The sad old house on the hill.


And then the magic came

Setting the walls of that house aglow.

The doors burst open, and the windows,

And a strange, soft singing filled the streets.


Oh, it was so sweet and thrilling

That we children too, went at once

With old ones on the long, slow climb

To the beckoning place on the hill.


A happy spirit had entered

With a wildwood heart

For the walls of the house

glowed greenly.

And all the time, the singing

Sent us seeking, seeking,

Through room after room.


The roof was gone in part,

Pieces of blue had entered

And occasional wisps of cloud

And nestling safely, the birds were praising

The sky and the house and the singing.


It was her song the old ones told us.



Source:  Talks with my Skateboard by Libby Hathorn




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