Valley under the Rock by Libby Hathorn


The Gun-dun-gorra is an indigenous clan who summered regularly in the Megalong Valley because it was a cool place and extremely good for hunting.


We, from far away,

Took a bush walk there

Narrow descent,

Steep stone stairs,

Found a rock cathedral

In mansions of green,

Ancient secret cavern

Glistening, serene.

The song of songs was there

The heartbeat of the earth.

The oldest story known

Of life, of death, re-birth.

The song of songs was there

Where beauty rules supreme

Enfolded in its splendour

We dreamed within a dream

There was another voice we heard

Plaintive, distant, hollow,

Echo from those shimmering walls



Source:  Talks with my Skateboard by Libby Hathorn


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