I knew I loved her… by Steven Herrick


She wears baggy pants

and a white lace top to school.

She has ink-black hair,

tied in two pony tails.

She’s the quickest in Maths.

She can spell archa …

arhco …

acrho …

She can spell lots of big words.

She played the Queen in the school play.

I was her humble servant.

She was elected school captain.

I voted for her (twice!).

She knows the capital of Tanzania.

She knows who invented the telephone.

I ring her home – it’s always engaged.

She knows the history of Ancient Egypt.

She knows how flowers grow.

I pick them for her – they die before I work up the courage.

But after all this

I only realised I loved her


during Friday’s game

as the ball came across

she pivoted on one leg

and volleyed it into the net

and we won the Final

with that goal

and then I was sure,

I know that I loved her.


Source: Love poems and leg spinners – A month in the life of Class 5b by Steven Herrick. UQP, 2001




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