Webster by Helen Ross


Webster is my teddy
He feels so warm and strong
My favourite of all my toys
I have known him for so long

He listens to my stories
But does not say too much
Just sits there quietly
He softens to my touch

Webster loves being cuddled
And gives me such a smile
He is always well dressed
Webster has a lot of style

Webster is very smart
And likes to wear bow ties
He thinks he looks distinguished
Webster wouldn’t tell me any lies

When I am not at home
He rests on my bed
Or sits on the window sill
And sometimes a chair instead

He accepts me for who I am
Someone on whom I can depend
We’ll always be together
Webster is my best friend.

Source:  Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems by Helen Ross. Little Steps Publishing, New Frontier, 2009.


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