There’s something growing in my cup by Helen Ross


There’s something growing in my cup
Don’t know what it could be
I haven’t had a drink from it
For a week or so, you see

I sat it on the kitchen sill
And forgot I’d put it there
I’m looking at this funny thing
Now it’s growing hair

Oh no! It’s moving
Yikes! It’s starting to grow
It’s now got an extra spike
Now I see a toe

It’s such a funny shape
Green and very thick
Yuck! Just looking at it
Really makes me sick

I’m going to be ill
I have to look away
It must go down the drain
Has to be today

I turn the hot tap on
And pour in some detergent
Getting rid of this thing
Is becoming rather urgent

I watch it as it bubbles
In my little cup
The hot water slowly
Swishes the green thing up

As I rinse my cup
I turn the cold tap on
And look inside my mug
Oh good! It now has gone

Source:  Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems by Helen Ross. Little Steps Publishing, New Frontier, 2009.


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