Beyond the Breakers by Libby Hathorn


Maroubra Cycle


Beyond the Breakers

A Sea Song for John


Ïn his arms lying in softest water,

the crowning sky the arc of paler blue

allowing all the sun there is,

in his arms, her arms entwined,

feet pointing down,

all the fishes in the world

all the caves and corals

and all the altering depths

there at her feet,

her pointing down feet.

In his arms lying in softest water,

out there, out there beyond the waves,

beyond the bathers too, laughing and calling,

rising and falling in his arms,

in that gentle, swelling, fathomless place,

watchful with such salt-rimmed eyes

of each other, in that profound sea,

only two, the only two becalmed,

in a shining world without horizon.


Source: Heard Singing – the cycle of poems “Maroubra Cycle” by Libby Hathorn.  Out of India Press, 1998





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