National Year of Reading & Poetry 

In 2012, Australia is celebrating a National Year of Reading.  One of the great joys of being able to read is to share and enjoy the wonders of poetry.  No matter your age or interests, if you explore the world of poetry, pick up a book, listen to a pod cast, watch a DVD, there is sure to be a poem that seems to be a poem especially written for you. That’s how powerful poetry is! Not only that, you may be inspired by delving into poetry, to write some of your own.

The ABC Book of Australian Poetry

The ABC Book of Australian Poetry; a treasury of poetry for young people (ABC Books, 2010) complied by poet and author, Libby Hathorn was the inspiration for this Australian Poem a Day concept.   A conversation with a librarian, Mylee Joseph, resulted in the wonderful idea of sharing the poems in this anthology of Australian poetry  and others online.  ABC Publishing have given permission for the poems to be reproduced via this blog.


A Poem a Day

 During 2012 we will be posting a poem by an Australian poet each day. Drawn initially from the collection, specially selected for young people it will feature a rich variety of poems from favourites like Banjo Patterson and Henry Kendall to contemporaries such as Judith Wright and Steven Herrick.


Follow A Poem a Day on Twitter

You can follow the project on Twitter at @ozpoems

For more information about this project please contact: Mylee Joseph mylee.joseph [at]


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