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Wind by Ali Cobby Eckermann


around the corner of the house
out of the wind
flowers grow

she has not nurtured them
only the leaking roof
provided water

butterflies gather daily
their wings mixing colour
with the blooms

we spy around the corner
both holding our breath
holding our wind


Source:  Southerly: Journal of the English Association   September 28, 2011

Ali Cobby Eckermann tells the story behind this poem.


Dusk by Ali Cobby Eckermann


she sits on a rocky ledge
overlooking frog song
puncturing a choked river
at dusk

it is only here native birds sing
their evening lullaby
echoed between red banks
overgrown with weeds

it’s like life slips away in the evening
a resounding of Salientia castanets
soon to fall silent
like flaking moss

she listens for earth song
under the algae and foreign reeds
and just as darkness falls
a fish jumps rippling memory


Source:  Southerly: Journal of the English Association,   September 28, 2011

Ali Cobby Eckerman tells the origins of this poem.