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The Pieman by C.J. Dennis


I’d like to be a pieman, and ring a little bell,
Calling out, “Hot pies! Hot pies to sell!”
Apple-pies and Meat-pies, Cherry-pies as well,
Lots and lots and lots of pies – more than you can tell.
Big, rich Pork-pies! Oh, the lovely smell!
But I wouldn’t be a pieman if …
I wasn’t very well.
Would you?


Source:  A Book for Kids, 1921


A Ruined Reversolet – C.J. Dennis


‘Tis Spring!
Sing hey!
Birds sing
All day.
In trees
Bees hum –
I sneeze –
I sdeeze.
Bees hub.
Id trees
All day
Birds sig.
Sig Hey!
‘Tis Sprig!

The Bulletin, 17 December 1908

The Teacher by C.J. Dennis

I'd like to be a teacher, and have a clever brain,
Calling out, "Attention, please!" and "Must I speak in vain?"
I'd be quite strict with boys and girls whose minds I ahd to train,
And all the books and maps and thngs I'd carefully explain;
I'd make then learn the dates of kings, and all the capes of Spain;
   But I wouldn't be a teacher if ...
      I couldn't use the cane.
         Would you?

A Book for Kids, 1921

The Tram Man by C.J. Dennis


I’d like to be a Tram-man, and ride about all day,
Calling out, “Fares, please!” in quite a ‘ficious way,
With pockets full of pennies which I’d make the people pay.
But in the hottest days I’d take my tram down to the Bay;
And when I saw the nice cool sea I’d shout “Hip, hip, hooray!”
But I wouldn’t be a tram-man if …
I couldn’t stop and play.
Would you?


A Book for Kids, 1921