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from: The Law About Singing Out by Gela Nga-Mirraitja


My father used to do it. We used to get up early in the morning and he’d sing out and talk. Sometimes he didn’t talk early in the morning, only when travelling and we used to stop and he’d talk then in our language.

It would make you look carefully at the country, so you could see the signs, so you could see which way to go…

The law about singing out was made like that to make you notice that all the trees here are your countrymen, your relations. All the trees and the birds are your relations.

There are different kinds of birds here. They can’t talk to you straight up. You’ve got to sing out to them so that they can know you…

That’s why I talked to the birds this morning, and all the birds were happy. All the birds were really happy and sang out: ‘Oh! That’s a relation of ours. That’s a relation we didn’t know about.’ That’s the way they spoke, and they were happy then to sing out.