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The Bunyip by Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal


You keep quiet now, little fella,

You want big-big Bunyip get you?

You look out, no good this place.

You see that waterhole over there?

He Gooboora, Silent Pool.

Suppose-it you go close up one time

Big fella woor, he wait there,

Big fella Bunyip sit down there,

In Silent Pool many bones down there.

He come up when it is dark,

He belong the big dark, that one.

Don’t go away from camp fire, you,

Better you curl up in the gunya.

Go to sleep now, little fella,

Tonight he hungry, hear him roar,

He frighten us, the terrible woor,

He the secret thing, he Fear,

He something we don’t know.

Go to sleep now, little fella.

Curl up with the yella dingo.