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Sold Short by Robin Klein


She sells sea shells by the sea shore;

She sells sea shells to tourists by the score.

(If those gullible tourists just looked around they would see

Thousands of shells they could pick up for free!)


Source:  Fractured Fairytales & Ruptured Rhymes compiled by Ann Weld. Omnibus Books, 1990


Full Moon by Robin Klein


At times of full moon—
I wish I knew why—
I get this strange yearning
to howl at the sky!

For reasons peculiar
I’ve not yet discovered,
the backs of my hands then
with fur become covered!

My fingernails lengthen,
my hands look like… paws!
I feel a compulsion
to walk on all fours!

My eyes redly glimmer,
hair sprouts from my ears,
fang-like my teeth grow,
with points sharp as spears!

Though normally fussy
about what I eat—
on nights when the moon’s full,

Source: The ABC Book of Australian Poetry: a treasury for young people compiled by Libby Hathorn (ABC Books 2010)